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6-in-1 Best China CNC 3d Fiber Mopa Laser engraving Machine cost

This 3d laser engraving machine can do all laser work by 2D and 2.5D laser engraving machine, it use 3d software LenMark 3dS software, most hot sellling in China and Overseas market, this machine also named 3d laser engraver, 3d metal laser engraving machine. to get more technical information about 3d laser engraving m

2.5D fiber laser marking machine

The Z axis on 2.5D laser machine is responsible for adjusting the focal length of the center circle point on the processing plane, as the engraving depth changes, the Z-axis will do fine-tuning of the following depth so as to achieve precision micro-machining fields such as relief and small-format micro-hole machining.

China 3d Fiber Laser engraving Machine for metal relief

3d laser engraving machine also called 3d laser engraving,3d engraving,3d engraving machines,3d carving machine,3d laser machine,3d laser engraving machine for metal. it mostly use for engraving on curved surface and irregular surface, big laser power machine like 50w 60w 70w 100w also use for deep engraving, like wea

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