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China 3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for metal

3D laser engraving machine also called 3d laser engraving,3d engraving,3d engraving machines,3d carving machine,3d laser machine,3d laser engraving machine for metal. 

it mostly use for engraving on curved surface and irregular surface, big laser power machine like 50w 60w 70w 100w also use for deep engraving, like weapon, firearms, jewelry, metal mould engraving..

3D Relief is a form of artistic expression between round carving and painting. It is a semi-three-dimensional sculpture that is embossed on the surface of the material. Laser embossing performs precise layering and subtraction processing on the material, strips off the excess material, and realizes the shape of the shape in the Z direction, thereby forming a concave and convex pattern.

The traditional embossing process needs to fix the workpiece, and use the tool to directly touch the sculpture of the workpiece, which is easy to cause scratches and damage. However, laser embossing can achieve engraving, cutting, cleaning, polishing and other processing without touching the workpiece. It has a fast speed. The advantages of short time-consuming and high precision, which greatly reduces the production cost of relief.


The characteristics and advantages of  3D laser engraving machine 

Fast speed and short time

1. Carry out engraving work immediately without fixing materials;

2. The laser marking machine has an engraving processing speed of up to 3.55 m/s and an acceleration of 5g, which greatly reduces the engraving time.

 High accuracy

1. The laser equipment is scanned by galvanometer, focusing, computer control and other systems through careful calculations to complete the engraving collaboratively, with minimal errors;

2. The straight-line theorem of the beam determines the stability of the laser engraving machine;

3. It can engrave tiny and complicated patterns.

 Multifunctional collection

1. In addition to relief carving, laser marking machine engraving can do sink carving, micro carving, round carving, etc.

2. It can also perform common functions such as material cutting, cleaning after engraving, and surface polishing.

 Non-contact processing

1. Laser engraving is processing using advanced laser technology, which is non-contact processing, which avoids scratching the workpiece and eliminates the waste of materials;

2. No need to use any engraving tools, unlimited operations.


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