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BOGONG MACHINERY keeps long term and good cooperation with famous laser companies in Germany, USA, Japan and Italy, and domestic laser institutes, ensuring the synchronous development of laser process system of BOGONG MACHINERY with the latest international technologies.


14 years professional experience with over 14 years efforts and innovation. Our customer satisfactions surveys are above 100%. BOGONG Machinery gained a series of certification such as CE, FDA, ISO9001, SGS. Our products have been exported to 80 different countries. Fast delivery, high cost-effective, up 10% -20 % cost savings.

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BOGONG Machinery specializes in the research and development of fiber laser cutting, laser marker, CO2 laser machine,etc, and provides solutions of corresponding automatic system technologies.

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You may watch video of laser marking process, but you want to know what's the laser coming out? and how does laser marker working? how do you know the place before marking, if there have preview in advance before marking? this article will help you learn what's laser machine ? and how it working? whats the main parts of laser machine?
This article will show you how much laser engraving machine cost, and which laser machine will be suit for my work, detail cost for co2 laser engraving machine and cost for fiber laser engraving machine
Jinan Bogong Machinery Co., Ltd. stated that the biggest advantage of the handheld laser welding machine is its simple structure, quick start, flexible welding, and strong welding penetration, capable of welding at various complicated angles. The model has a mobile type (can be outdoor welded) ) And fixed. It has strong expansibility, and can be equipped with mechanical arms or other CNC welding machine tools, as well as replacing ordinary hand-held heads or swing hand-held heads, to meet various welding needs. The model generally has two modes of continuous and pulse, and the power range is generally between 500W and 1500W. The Welding heads usually have two specifications, one is ordinary welding head, and the other is swing welding head.
Generally speaking, the control system of the engraving machine is divided into Ncstudio control system, DSP control system, and MARCH3 control system. The general Ncstudio control system is a special control system for advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, and jade engraving machine. DSP control system and Ncstudio control system and Mach 3 are the best choices for many customers. These three systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us analyze them.


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