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Laser Engraving Machine

if you want purchase an Laser Engraver for laser engravings service or buy an engraving machine do laser etching for metal and nonmetal?

Check out fiber laser engraving machine buyer's guide for new beginners and users, BOGONG MACHINERY always provide you high quality fiber laser engraver for you, what ever you are for diy home hobby, or jewelry shop owner, Gun shop owner, or for Advertising department, or your are an manuafacture of some metal and nonmetal parts, this article will help you learn more about fiber laser engaver

What is best laser engravers?

There have lot of laser engraver on amazon, ebay, different stype, different power, different brand, and big price different, so how to get best one?

first you need to know what you will engraving? some buyer said i want to engraving everything, like metal, wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, etc. Unfortunately there don't have so powerful machine which can engraving everything in the world.

So if want start start a laser service business, mostly these laser service will be on metal, plastic, wood, glass, etc.

and if budget is enough, you can thinking one 30W fiber laser engraving machine and one 40W/60W co2 laser engraving machine. 

What's the best laser engraving machine? Fiber laser engarving machine is also called fiber laser marking machine, it's an CNC laser marking system which control by EZCAD engraving software on computer. you can input numbers, letters, bar code, design, graph, logo to EZCAD software, Fiber laser machine will do permanent mark on flat or curve surface, you can say 2D/3D surface of metal and non-metal materials, we will talking 2d and 3D in below. some supplier also named fiber laser engraving machine as fiber laser marking system, fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marker, thin metal laser cutter, laser engraving machine, metal laser engraver, metal engraving machine, laser marking equipment, fiber laser printing machine.

How does a fiber laser engraving machine work? how does laser work? what's the corn parts of laser engraver?

The core parts of laser machine is fiber laser source, there have different brand, such as Raycus, IPG, JPT, etc.

Raycus it top sales in the world, not only just competitive price, but also stable quality. laser will come out from laser source. there have 20W 30W 50W 60W 100W laser power, more big laser power more bigger engergy,

that's why 20W laser engraving machine can only do marking work on surface, and 50W 60W 100W do deep engraving more better. so if you just need engraving on surface and no depth, then 20W laser machine is enough for you.

What can you do with a laser engraving machine?

If you are from Jewelry shop, gun shop, then 50W fiber laser engraver will be an good Choice, mould company mostly for deep engraving, 100w will be better than 50W and 60W.

50W fiber laser engraving machine can do cut work on 1-1.2mm gold silver brass aluminum etc. also can do engraving work on them. you can choose Mini type 50W laser machine for jewelry use as below link:

If you want to start lasr stippling service, then choose an 50W fiber laser engraving machine, 60W and 100W with expensive price, and it's a little bigger for polymer material. you can choose Mini type and floor type machine for gun engraving work.

Technical parameters of fiber laser engraving machine:

Fiber laser Marking Materials Metals (Aluminium, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, Brass, Tungsten, Carbide, Nickel, Stainless steel, Chrome, Copper) and Non-metals including Plastics (PBT, ABS, silicon, PS, ABS), Fiberglass, Synthetic Leathers, Carbon Fiber 

How Much Does a laser engraving machine Cost? If you want to buy a fiber laser engraving machine, you may wonder how much does a fiber laser engraver cost? how to transport, and how to get a final price of fiber laser marking machine? According to different laser power and different brand of components, you can get a fiber laser engraver cost from $2450.00 to $15,500.00. overseas customer need add tranport cost, customs tax in your country. if you are new importer, you can thinking small mini machine which transport by DHL/TNT/fedex. they will help you do import formalities. 

Are cheap laser engravers any good?

There have some buyer said, they saw there have very cheap and unbelieve price of laser engraving machine, as we mentione there have different laser source, different components, some maybe use less powerful lasers instead of the powerful one you need, even you spend 1000usd on cheap engraver, and it can not meet your requirement, it's waste of money and time and energy.

How Fast is laser engraving?

Ezcad software have function that setting different speed, different laser power, differnt laser line fill, according to different parameters setting, you can get different engraving mark.

How do i start a laser engraving business from home?

Yes, you can. it's easy operation laser machine, and we have full video and manual to teach you how to start it.

How to Use a Fiber Laser Engraver? 

Fiber laser engraving marking machine control by EZCAD software and computer, people who can type numbers, letters, then can running laser machine.

How is the different between CO2 and fiber laser engraving machine?

You can simple understanding co2 laser engraving machine only for nonmetal engraving work, like wood, bamboo, leather, glass. etc. fiber laser engraving machine engraving on all metal material and some plastic material.

How to Maintain a Fiber Laser engraving machine?

BOGONG Fiber laser engraving machine is the most simple and easy operate laser machine, no need you have special technical knowledge, and fiber laser engraving machine cooling by air, so no need change water, etc.

just keep lens clearning, no speical requirement on laser engraver.

How to Buy fiber laser engraver?

1. Bogong Machinery will provide you solution as for your engraving material and detail engraving marking cutting requirement.

2. Quotation: we will offer you FOB Qingdao price, and CFR price, and delivery to door price, just tell us your detail address. we will provice suitable transport way.

How to Pay?

1. 30% T/T Bank wire as deposit of laser engraving machine, balance pay before shipment.

2. we are not accept for L/C, Paypal.

3. After you confirm on price and machine, we will send you PI for payment, production need 5-7 days for normal fiber laser engraving machine, we will send out laser engraving machine after got your balance payment.

4. Qulity control: The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. 100% satisfied by bogong buyer.

5. Support and service: we will offer 2 year warranty for fiber laser engraving machine, whole life service.