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2.5D fiber laser marking machine

The Z axis on 2.5D laser machine is responsible for adjusting the focal length of the center circle point on the processing plane, as the engraving depth changes, the Z-axis will do fine-tuning of the following depth so as to achieve precision micro-machining fields such as relief and small-format micro-hole machining.

3d laser marking machine industry and application

what is a 3d laser marking machine and what can be done with this machine? 3d laser marking machine Also called 3d laser cutter machine.3d relief machine.3d laser machine 3d laser engraving is a laser surface depression processing method. Compared with traditional 2D laser engraving, 3d engraving has greatly redu

2D and 3d BOGONG Fiber laser marking System

Nowadays,more and more users prefer to use the laser marking machine with auto focusing function. But how does it works? Is it applied on a 2D or 3d laser machine? Is it easy to operate?This article will try to explain for the above questions.

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