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How does 3d laser engraving work? What's the different between 3D and 2D laser engraving machine?

3D laser engraving also called Dynamic focusing laser engraving, 3D laser marking machine, 3D fiber laser engraving machine, 3D laser engraver, 3D metal engraving machine, the laser machine with function of Dynamic focusing can do embossing work on metal as below pictures, the design after laser engraving with 3D effect, pls be noted that what we discussed is 3D fiber laser engraving machine, which do 3D engraving on metal, aluminium, brass, gold, siver, etc, you can see 3D sample which made by 3D fiber laser engraving machine as below:

3d laser engraving machine

There have 2D laser engraving machine also can do engraving on metal, but only have depth, no embossing effect, you can see the picture of 2D laser engraving machine and it’s sample as below:

2d laser engraving machine

The different between 3D and 2D laser machine is not only on laser head, but also different control card and software, you see the laser head of 3D laser engraving machine as below:

3d laser head

From above picture you can see that There have X and Y axis inside of silver box, dynamic focusing inside of black box, X Y change the direction of laser beam and this dynamic focusing box have a mirror which do movement by motor.

Now you need to know what's the 2D laser head looks like? you can see 2d laser head on laser engraving machine as below

2d laser engraving head.jpg

You can also say 3D laser head is 2D laser head with an extra dynamic focusing system.

About Software between 3D and 2D laser engraving machine, mostly 2D laser machine use EZCAD software, for design/ logo/ graph engraving, EZCAD need vector file, like Plt, Dxf file. But for embossing effect by 3d laser engraving machine, you need prepare STL file, that means 3D file.

You can see video of 3D laser engraving machine working as blew youtube link:

From the video you can see the laser machine not only do embossing engraving work, but also can engraving on  irregular surface, you can see the laser work which by 3D fiber laser engraving machine

Now lets see Video of 2D laser engraving machine working as below, both laser machine in below video is 50W laser engraving machine:


If you only do marking work on surface, no need deep engraving, then 20W laser engraving machine will be ok for you.

How to transport the 3D laser engraving machine?  We packaged laser machine with standard plywood box, with 3 layers packags, outside is strong internation plywood box, there have foam outside of 3d laser engraving machine incase of shaking demage,  also havve plastic water proof to protect machine, our shipping agent with many experience, and long time cooperation, we can get competitive price, also safety transport.

How to install and operate 3D laser engraving for metal engraving work? how to start an laser machine? how to training?Bogong Machinery provide videos and manual to teach buyer step by step, we can say that our video is the most clear and  specific content to ensure all the buyer can learn the machine well, and feel it will more easlier after our support, 100% satisfied by user.

What's the warranty for 3d fiber laser? A: We provide two years machine warranty. During the two-year warranty, in case fiber laser machine exists problem, we will provide parts required with free of charge by express. But as for the parts damaged by artificially, it does not fall within our warranty list. After the warranty, we still provide lifetime service.

What’s delivery time? Generally speaking, lead time is 5-7 working days after receive the deposit.

Can we add a protection cover? Yes, we can add a protection cover if you need. We can customize the design as customers’ requests.

Is there any technical support in case any machine problem?Yes, for any machine issues, we'll solve the problem through email, skype, phone or video. If the problem still exists, we'll send our technician to customer's plan for machine repair. We'll respond customer's question within two hours

We want to know Quality Control of fiber laser engraving machine, how can you make sure the quality?Bogong Machinery only use famous and high quality components of laser engraving machine, so if you find cheap poor quality machine, so don't waste time on this, skilled and strict inspection team in BOGONG MACHINERY, from meterial purchasing and production process, Test process, 100% according to QC control rule.

OEM service of Fiber laser engraving machine are available, you can tell us what's the color you want, what kind of cabinet you want, or you can put your logo in our laser engraving machine.

No MOQ requirement, We will keep your information, and not shared to any third parties, you can find us even on holiday.

How to order BOGONG fiber laser engraving machine?

You can send 50% deposit by Bank wire, 50% payment before shipment.

Alibaba trade assurance

you can choose shipping by Sea, by Air, or By DHL /FEDEX/UPS

You can get an free price list and detail of laer engraving machine after fill your name, company, email detail address, also your detail laser work will be, what's ther material and working are you want, it's better to leave your whatsapp for quick communication, we will shortly send you all the detail and transport.

We do believe you already knew how does 3d laser engraving work, and the different between 3D and 2D laser engraving machine.

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