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Take 3 minutes learning how to choose right 3D machine Jewelry Machine

As we know 2D Jewelry laser machine can finished it



deep engraving✅

ring inside and outside engraving✅

Photo engraving 

3D Laser Machine

But 3D Jewelry laser is powerful. It is not only can do the work which 2D Jewelry laser can do, just like cutting and deep engraving but also can make the embossing result. 


It means it also can use to cut gold and silver work. Although 3d laser cost is a little high than 2d laser, we still think it is a good option.

As we know 3D Jewelry Laser machine .we also have 50W, 60w, 80w, and 100w.  But for 3D machine Which Power is Better for Jewelry Laser Work? This article will explain to you

Actually, for jewelry work, 50w and 60w M7 applications are exactly same,just 60w speed will be a little faster than 50w. when do cutting work the speed is 100W>80W>60W>50W.but for the cutting thickness 60W 80W and 100W almost is Same.

when do 3D Laser relief engraving, it is almost same. 

The following two power parameters are used as references.

3D 50W Jewelry Laser Machine have Raycus and JPT Laser Source can be Choose

50W Raycus brand single pulse energy 1.0mj frequency: 50-100khz, cannot adjust pulse width.  50w JPT brand single pulse energy 1.25mj ,50W JPT frequency: 1-600Khz, cannot adjust pulse width.

Laser source is core component of laser machine, laser will come out from it,which is best brand laser source in China, past marketing test, stable quality and top sales in the world, over more than 90% customers selected.


3D 60W Jewelry Laser Machine use is JPT Laser Source

60w single pulse energy 1.5mj  60w frequency: 1-4000khz, pulse width: 2-500ns 

Raycus laser Source is Popular in the market Last year now is JPT Laser Source

JPT laser source machine with large frequency range, that means can working on metal, and it's bigger single pulse energy- this means deep engraving will better compare with Raycus laser


 2. From laser source type: 

50w is Q switched laser source; 60w is mopa series. Mopa advantages: 

2.1 marking colors on stainless steel 

2.2 engraving black color on Aluminum oxide, like iphone/Ipad housing engraving. 

2.3 engraving some plastic better than normal laser source. But plastic is complex, better to test before making a decision. Sometimes, UV laser is better for plastic.

3. From operation: 50w is easier because the adjustable parameters are less than 60w mopa. But we have all parameters, so needn't worry. 

4. Both brands are good. Raycus with the oldest history in China and is the best one in the past 8 years. JPT at the start is famous for their mopa series then developed very well in recent years. And JPT brand is quieter when working, we have a Video

So JPT price is a little expensive than the Raycus brand. 

For cutting, 3D 50w Jewelry Laser and 3D 60w Jewelry Laser Machine speed won't have a big difference. If you have the budget, for sure 60w Laser machine is a good choice. Otherwise, 50w Laser machine is not bad. 

3D Laser Engraving cutting machine with 3D laser head, Lenmark 3DS software, which can do 3D relief laser work on metal, also can do cutting work on gold silver brass sheet, If you are in jewelry filed, you can use this 3D laser machine make mould for jewelry, also you can use it for cutting work, also this machine can engraving marking on vurved surface, you can see more funtion from below video:

Question of purchase 3D laser engraving cutting machine:

1. How to ensure quality of jewelry laser cutting machine?

Re: BOGONG 3D laser machine sold well overseas, "quality assurance" and "quality control" to ensuring quality of our laser products, all our laser machine running 36 hours before send out.

2. How to ensure the package and safety during transport.

Re: Bogong Laser machine with 3 layer strong packing, internation standerd plywood strong box. 

3. How about warranty?

Re: 2 years warranty for whole fiber laser engraving machine. 

4. If you are manufacturer and Do you have CE certificates?

Re: Yes, we are laser machine manufacturer from China and Europe CE, America FDA certificates. 

5. Do you provide training laser machine?

RE: BOGONG MACHINERY have full video to teach you how to running laser engraving cutting machine do engraving cutting work. Video on operation laser machine and on use software. 

6. How can we pay for 3D laser engraving cutting machine?

Re: We accept bank wire payment, 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment. You can get machine delivery more fast if 100% full payment one time, then no need waiting for balance payment transfer time. 

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