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How to choose a good and cheap affordable Laser welding machine

How to choose a good and cheap affordable Laser welding machine

Commonly used handheld laser welding machine prices in the Market

When you do a search online, you'll come across a lot of different prices for hand held laser welders.

Some machines are priced under $1,000, but others can cost as much as $50,000.

When you go online, you get confused. If you want real results and answers, it's best to contact the manufacturer and ask them the price of the device.

Different manufacturers Factory offer different prices. They can't possibly have a median interest rate. A rough estimate of its cost would be around $8,000 to $15,000 for a mid-sized Handheld Laser welding machine.

High-tech and advanced handheld laser welder machines priced above $15,000 but below $25,000

Parts of a Handheld Laser Welder Machine

In order for you to fully understand a handheld laser welder Machine, you need to know its parts.

The main components of the laser welding Machine including

#Main control system

#Water chiller or water coolling chiller

#Machine Switch

#Screen or control system

#hand-held laser head

#Fiber Laser Source


The handheld laser head consists of the following parts:

#main switch or button

#Copper Nozzle

#protective lens

#Focusing lens


#QBH Protective Sleeve


What are the advantages of Fiber Laser welding machine?

Laser welding can bring you many advantages.

The most common of these include: Highest accuracy and precision


Even if you are welding small parts and assemblies,Handheld Laser welding machine is no problem.

Welder  Consistency

Because you manually set the speed, power and mode so on, you can expect that your welds will be consistent - even if you need to weld a large number of workpieces.

Combined with the fact that you can welder faster, So laser welding Machine is really your first choice


Some welding techniques, such as MIG welding and TIG welding, are not best suited for complex welding; this is due to the limited number of electrodes available.

That's when Fiber laser welding took it up a notch. No matter how complex a weld looks, The laser welder Machine all can do it.

Stronger, more durable welds

Last but definitely not the least is the fact that you can have stronger welds.

You can welder it with filler material that requires wire or no wire, which provides excellent strength and durability.

These are just some of the most Popular-after benefits of laser welding.

The handheld laser welding Machine benefits

Maybe you want to know what are the benefits of a handheld laser welding machine?

Let's move on to the benefits handheld laser welding machine.

better control

Control from mode, speed, power, heat, etc., control in machine motion. You can set it to the minimum or maximum value according to your Used

No electrodes required

We also know that you don't have to use electrodes of any kind for this. Therefore, you can expect to reduce the cost and loss of output.

Easy to focus

The handheld laser welding machine laser beam you will use for welding or cutting is easy to focus.

You'll have optics as a calibration guide, and you'll never have to worry about quality.

Other benefits include:

No protection against vacuum or radiation required

can worked in a small area

Can operate in tight spaces

Many people choose automatic laser welding machines instead of hand-held welding machines. While that's fine, it's better to start it manually because you'll learn a lot from it as well.

Which handheld laser welding machine manufacturer should you choose?

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Why BOGONG Machine is the Best Choice for Your Handheld Laser Welder Machine

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